Paul Bandey

voice artist

When I was a drama student at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School,
one of England's top drama schools, I dreamed of all the exciting work this great training would bring me...and I haven't been disappointed: during my career I have worked in theatre, film
and TV with some of the greatest actors and directors around.

What I wasn't expecting, though, was that I would also become very much in demand as a voice-over artist, and just how much pleasure and satisfaction that would bring me.

Over the years I have worked extensively in every field of voice-over, from commercials to video games, from documentaries to cartoons and dubbing.

Along the way, I have developed other skills such as voice direction and the translation and adaptation of texts.

Voice work calls for strong decisions and a talent for communication, as well as intelligence, adaptability, efficiency and acute instincts. I have been providing these qualities to hundreds of clients for many years now, and am pleased to welcome you to this site so I can share with you some of the work I've done.

I am based in Paris, France, where I provide English-language versions for the international market. Now, thanks to modern technologies like FTP, phone-patch and ISDN, I can provide you with top quality voice work anywhere in the world.

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